Thursday, November 3, 2011

Its Halloween time!!

Its Halloween time & We had so much fun!!!
So many fun festivities. Lucille was Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. I am proud to say that I did make her costume. Well my Mom helped a bit, but I conquered the majority of it all by myself. 
She was such a cute Dorothy wasn't she!?
We had our fun share of Halloween time at Disneyland, Its so fun this time of year.
We first dressed up ( & when I say we, I mean Lucy, we were losers & didn't dress up this year) For my Nephew Sloan's Halloween themed Birthday party, Then we went to Treats in the Streets in Old town Orange, and then Trunk or Treating at my Brother Kenny & his wife Jill's ward. Next was actual Halloween, we went down to Jeff's work & they had some fun festivities going on. We wanted to go actual Trick or Treating BUT life has its struggles & Lucy was STRUGGLING that night with some major tantrums. Oh the terrible 2's. not my favorite.  Over all Halloween was a hit. Lucy loved trick or treating & she kept on signing & saying "Thank You" to everyone after they gave her candy. 
She is so smart. 


Here is Jeff & his sister, holding each others babies. This is Brayden isn't her cute!? He was Winnie the Pooh. Its fun having all these babies around. 


  1. Please, In the last photo of Lucy eating a cupcake, LOOK at her fingers! She is soo feminine and CUTE! :)

  2. oh my LORD! Lucy is so big now! I can't believe the last time I saw her she was still being held up by her boppy type pillow! Let's have a playdate soon!! miss you~